Wednesday, May 19, 2010

i want a summer to remember.

you know those long late walks in the summer, at night, with the stars guiding you? i want that this summer. i want sleepless nights, watching the sunsets and sunrises by the sea as the days go by. we wouldn't care about the time passing by, because we would be there together. this time, watching the sunrise would be even more beautiful than it ever was. because it would be with the person you're supposed to watch a sunrise with. i want us to happen this summer. no games, no nothing. just laughing, talking about the weather and other useless stuff like that. going in the warm sea with our clothes on, then laughing and wrestling with you because you pushed me in. i want to wake up because the sun got in my eyes, turn around and see you standing right there next to me. i would smile and watch you sleep, and when you wake up we would eat milk and cereal outside on the balcony. i want comfort. i want someone who i'm comfortable laying next to in the green grass in the morning sun. and we would just laugh. and look into eachothers eyes without saying a word. comfortable silence. and then we would go out to eat something and then walk in the sun. and you would laugh at me because i drink tea like i breathe air. and you would say you think it's cute. and your laugh would be better than any compliment i could ever get. and just like that, we would have the perfect summer. a summer to remember.

Monday, May 3, 2010

for you i wait, for you i wait, my love.

let's not say names yet. let's forget appearances. let's ignore age, or social status. let's just fall in love first. i don't know you, but i know you're out there, and that's all that matters. i don't know what music you listen to, or if you like The Beatles. i don't know what clothes you wear. i don't know the color of your eyes, or your hair...

...but god, oh god, when we will bump into eachother, it will be the most beautiful accident that ever took place in the universe till now, better than the big bang, more beautiful than the milky way. and it will happen, not because it is better than nothing, but because it is better than anything.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

find eternity in every moment.

every sunset. every sunrise. every cup of tea. every joke. every smile. every 'nice to meet you'. every 'i miss you'. every bloomed tree. every flower. every meaningful conversation. each and every moment you're alive.