Wednesday, October 29, 2008

a little game called love

Have you ever felt like you like someone so much your heat up even when they only take you by the hand? Have you ever had that beginning when you don't know if a person you like likes you? And you both have this little games, funny and without any logical explanation. You constantly pick on each other. But because of several reasons, your relationship couldn't be. And one day, it happens. You kiss. And it feels wonderful. Like you finally released yourself of all the feelings you've bottled up. And from that moment on. Things aren't the same. Every time you two are in the same room, you could cut the tension with a knife. And you start having this looks. No one can tell what they are about except you two. When that person takes you by the hand now, you feel so much more than visible to the eye. And when they kiss you on the cheek, even if apparently that's all it is, you feel heat in all of your body. You get the same feeling you had when you kissed. It all replays in your head. Like a flashback. And when you talk to them about something. Anything. You both know what you are actually thinking about. You are repeatedly replaying that kiss in your head. Your only thought being how it would be like to do it again. And no matter what happens next, you will never regret
that kiss.

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